Saturday, August 27, 2011

Show and Teach

In our room we have a Show and Teach Bag. This bag goes home with one child everyday. When the bag comes home, please help your child choose something that they can share that is NOT a toy, (stuffed animals are okay). Things they can share; trophies, awards, collections, photos, books, etc. Help your child think of 3 facts about their item. If possible please allow for your child to keep their item on the shelf in the classroom for one day. This allows the children to get a better look at the item and encourages discussion. Some children want to bring pets. I have asked them to wait until the next rotation to do so and we can make special accomodations at that time.

Schedule for this Show and Teach Rotation

29 -Truman
30 - Tess
31 - Strider

1 - Ryson
2 - Ryan
5 - Nick
6 - Morgan
7 - McKane
8 - Luke
9 - Lance
12 - Kamryn
13 - Jonah
14 - Hannah
15 - Garrett
16 - Dylan
19 - CJ
20 - Bryson
21 - Brooks
22 - Avery
23 - Austin
26 - Aubrey
27 - Anda
28 - Addy Mae
29 - Abish
30 - Abby

Dates are subject to change slightly based on child's forgetfulness to bring their item on scheduled day or on unforseen circumstances that may occur in the classroom that prohibit the show and teach time during a particular day. Please do not send the show and teach item with your child unless the bag comes home. We are promoting responsiblity, independence and flexibility.

Our Room

Language Area on the far wall

Cultural (zoology, botany, history and geography) Area on the left, Kitchen on the right

Math Area
More Math Area
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